patience fury

by trophy wife

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released July 22, 2010



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trophy wife Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

we play loud music to survive.

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Track Name: Sister Outsider
i cannot separate
all the things i want to say
from the things i shouldn't touch
who decides what's too much

silence won't protect you
brave prey betray this
nowhere to defect to
nowhere that's not a part of it

shut up be quiet
stay down don't try
Track Name: Pregnancy
they made a choice - together!

here she stands, isn't sure
he can come and go
he can leave and stay
got himself a trophy
put it on display
now we know
where the burden is worn
they made a choice - together!

sing out child cub
you can't be denied
so just let them try
the guts! the glory.
the patience! the fury.

what if i never told you?
Track Name: Four
(dis)assemble it
and dialogue with me

hold on
because you can fix things
Track Name: Five
nous sommes des vampires
on fait ce qu'on veut
Track Name: Cat and Dog
am i less your daughter? am i more a stranger?

some of us will never be immune

what does it matter to you anyway? who we fuck, how much, why, to what end? what does it matter to you anyway who we fuck?
Track Name: Risk Big
you say you want it
but where will you be when it comes?
in the wild, no promises
like a hunter, like a gatherer

you want a guarantee
but i am not a bottom line
put my faith in the faithless
laid claim to the faceless

risk big and then you lose big
fatal investments are
what you get here
Track Name: Whitesburg, Kentucky
what can we do
when we're swallowed whole
in this town?

they'll come for you
when there's not enough
to go around

use us for your power
but we can't drink the water
use us for your programs
but we are more than heartbreak
Track Name: Default
i don't want to default
to a script that's based on fear
when the walls keep crashing in on me
i fight the urge to disappear

sublimate detonate
eradicate hesitate

when you say, it's not okay
you can call the shots
you can break the trends

can't you see these patterns forming?
what is it that you believe?
are you going to default
on your promises of change?
your steps forward are enticing
are they merely a distraction?
what is it that you believe
can't you see these patterns forming?
Track Name: Repetition
repetition runs down my face
falls out of my brain
the words the words i can't find
repetition runs down my thighs
i wash it off but there's still the taste

you've left me cold, but i'll learn to feel
compulse like verb compulse like sound

shame keeps me in the dark
the darkness of hidden lives
the darkness of unshared truths
shame runs down my thighs
i wash it off but there's still the taste